Programs and Services

Programs and Services

Overseas Short-Term Study Abroad Programs

ISA, including its five overseas subsidiaries and educational organizations, works with schools and companies in the Western world and Asia to provide schools and individuals with short-term overseas study programs tailored towards the interests, level of challenge and potential of each teenager. The programs are designed to maximize learning outcomes not only during the study abroad period, but also before and after, and emphasize experiences that will lead to the children's future development, while taking care to ensure a safe environment and transportation overseas.

  • Programs based at universities in Europe, the U.S., and Singapore

  • Exchange programs with local schools in Europe and the U.S. (including homestay)

  • Local school exchange programs in Asia, Australia and NewZealand. 

  • Homestay programs

  • Summer school programs

Intensive English Training Programs in Japan

These programs are designed to foster an understanding of diversity, self-understanding, collaboration, reflection, leadership, and presentation, which are necessary elements for global learning. The programs are held in an all-English, multicultural environment with ISA's foreign instructors and international students. The programs emphasize communication in English while working to ensure that students learn the importance of these skills and how to put them into practice. In addition, the curriculum and textbooks are all ISA originals, providing practical global learning in Japan. These programs attract approximately 70,000 elementary, junior high, high school, and university students from all over Japan each year.

  • English Camp: 3-day/2-night residential English camp for elementary, junior high, and high school students

  • Global Competency Through Drama (GCD) (for elementary school students)

  • Commuter English Camps (3 to 5 days)

  • Pre-training for overseas school excursions (3 days/2 nights, intensive homestay English course, etc.)

  • Global Studies Program

  • Self-Discovery challenge / Next Generation’s Challenge / Future Leaders Challenge

  • Pathfinder Program

Long-term Study Abroad Programs

We provide support for study abroad programs, targeted towards high school students, ranging from one semester to full high school study abroad programs leading to graduation from a local school. Studying abroad during high school is a rare opportunity to spend time at a local school with other students of the same generation. There are two types of study abroad programs: exchange programs that allow students to live a "normal high school life" and deepen their international understanding through direct contact with the local society and culture, and privately funded programs that allow students to choose the country, period of study, time of admission, and type of stay according to their individual needs and aptitudes. We also provide information, career guidance, and application support to junior and senior high school students who wish to enter universities overseas, helping them to realize their dreams.

  • High School Student Exchange Program*

  • Privately funded study abroad program for high school students*

  • Term Study Abroad Program

  • Support Program for Entering Universities Abroad

  • Acceptance of high school students for exchange study abroad*

Planned, supervised, and managed by Japan Foundation for International Exchange (JFIE), a non-profit organization

School Education Innovation Support Program

In today's society, which is facing major turning points such as the fourth industrial revolution, climate change, and social inequality, there is a worldwide shift away from industrialized education based on a standardized curriculum. In Japan, a new curriculum has been introduced based on a new view of academic achievement, and trial and error is being conducted at various sites. Under these circumstances, ISA provides comprehensive support for essential issues at school sites and offers more valuable global learning opportunities by utilizing ISA's domestic and international resources with a focus on global education and English education.

  • Support for the introduction of results-oriented short-term overseas programs

  • Support for the establishment of mid to long-term study abroad programs

  • Support for the introduction of English remedial classes in Japan

  • Support for the introduction of new competency-based English language courses

  • Support for the introduction of English language programs that focus on individuality and talent

  • Support for introduction of on-campus global career lectures

  • Support for overseas university admissions

  • Planning overseas university/education study tours for faculty members

  • Various seminars for faculty members

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