ISA instructor position

ISA instructor position

Application Requirements


A minimum of 2 years of classroom teaching experience.*

i.e., experience must be in positions that involve both preparation for classes & classroom management.

  • One year must be in Japan.

*Examples of classroom teaching are

  • Teaching groups of students at ES/JHS/HS or university level (Main teacher/T1)

  • ALT work at ES/JHS/HS level (T2)

  • Lecturing at university level

Not accepted:

  • Private tutoring

  • English cafe/free talk style classes

  • Any other non-classroom teaching


  • Must have graduated from university with at least a bachelor's degree

Teaching content

Teaching content must be either:

  • English as a subject

  • Teaching conducted 100% in English (other subjects such as science, tourism etc.).

  • May require follow up to show proof of position/institution


  • Must hold valid visa

ISA might ask you to apply for work permit depending on your visa status.

Please note that only successful candidates will be contacted for interview.

 ISA group leader position

 ISA group leader position

Application Requirements

  • Currently enrolled in college/university or graduate school in Japan

Students who are enrolled in language schools or vocational schools cannot be accepted.

  • Must reside in Japan

  • International student or dual nationality holder

  • Needs to hold work permit (Stamp on back of residence card which allows you to work while studying)

Students need to hold work permit before they apply for the above position. You will be requested to submit proof of your work permit upon application.

Please note that only successful candidates will be contacted for interview.