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Touch the world, seize the future.

Touch the world, seize the future.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Empowering today's youth to thrive

The mission of ISA is to empower today’s youth to thrive in a global world through educational study abroad and programs in Japan. Our top-quality programs challenge, inspire, and educate our students and help them to develop their global competency. Many of our programs deal with current challenges facing our world, leadership, cross-cultural understanding, problem solving, and communicative English. We aim to maximize students’ experiences through thought-provoking content, engaging sessions, conversations with peers, and practical discussion.

50+ years
operating in 30+ cities across Japan, in 10+ countries around the world since 1970

1,000+ schools
across the 47 prefectures of Japan have participated in ISA programs

800,000+ students
have participated in ISA programs since 1970

1000+ teachers and mentors
from 130+ nationalities provide meaningful experiences for our students every year

Our Services & Programs

Programs in Japan

  • English Immersion Programs

  • Global Studies Programs

  • Global Competency Program

  • Pathfinder Program

Programs Overseas

  • Short-Term Study Abroad Programs

  • Long-Term Study Abroad Programs

  • Guidance and Counseling to Attend Overseas University and College

Supporting School Education Innovation through Global Education

  • Supporting the implementation of an effective Global Experience Program

  • Support for the introduction of competency-based English Language Programs

  • Support for the introduction of English remedial classes

Get involved

Get involved

Educators & Mentors

We are  looking for people all the time, from Students currently studying at a Japanese university or graduate school as Mentors  to English teachers. Fill out our form and start the conversation!

From the President

In a world where global perspectives shape futures, we stand as champions for the youth who seek to forge their own paths. Rooted in our founding philosophy of expanding every child's future through global learning experiences, our mission has guided our endeavors for over half a century.


In today's interconnected society, the potential for young people worldwide has expanded exponentially. To successfully navigate this global landscape, mastery of English, ICT skills, and a mindset embracing diversity are essential. However, even more crucial is developing the capacity to conceive and pursue one's own 'dreams and ambitions.' This involves identifying one's desires and passions and understanding the necessary skills and mindsets to realize these goals. My hope for the youth of Japan is that they become self-innovators and resilient challengers.


ISA remains dedicated to supporting the cultivation of unique and talented individuals who thrive as robust free spirits in the global learning and growth arena.

Masaru Kurahashi
ISA, Inc.



Former ISA was established as International Student Advisors of Japan, Inc.

Made the 1st Campus program and long-term study abroad programs.

Formed business alliances with homestay associations.

Sent its first students to Pitzer College, one of the Claremont Colleges.


Expanded its business area in the United States from the West Coast to the both the Mid-West and the East Coast.

Started to run High School Academic Year Cultural Exchange Programs in the United States, Canada, and New Zealand.

Developed full-scale study abroad programs in the United Kingdom.

Formed business alliances with AIIU and NZIIU.

Renamed the company to ISA, Inc.


Formed business alliances with CHE, JFIE, and GPI.

Started to run Cultural Exchange Programs.


Expanded cross-cultural workshop opportunities held in educational institutions across Japan.

Introduced WBT (Web Based Training / e-Learning) programs.

Attendance record with more than 300,000 students in study abroad programs.

Expanded Education Innovation Support for schools.


Established GPI-US as a subsidiary to enrich the program content in the US.

Made ISA (Aust.) Pty Ltd a wholly owned subsidiary to manage programs in Australia.

Introduced the Future Global Leaders Program in US universities.

Started to conduct a Top US Universities Inspection Tour for teachers.


ISA’s 50th anniversary

Established New Zealand ISA as a subsidiary to enrich the program content in New Zealand.

ISA, Inc.

Central Office

Shibaura Crystal Shinagawa 10F, 1-6-41 Kounan, Minatoku, Tokyo, 108-0075, JAPAN
TEL: 0+81-(0)3-5463-7541
FAX: 0+81-(0)3-5463-7540

Registration No.

No.256 Registered General Travel Agent by Japan Tourism Agency


Japan Association of Travel Agency Corp. (JATA)

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